Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brunch with my sisters!

 While in Orlando, I was able to finally get together with a few of my sorority sisters from our days at FTU (now known as UCF) back in the 70's. The time just flew by as we got caught up on our lives for the past 30+ years. How I love these girls and treasure the memories of our times together in TYES. These are certainly friendships that will always stand the test of time. Many thanks to Tonya for organizing and hosting this last minute get-together...I am so very grateful!
These three lovely faces greeted me...Bobbi, Carol and Tonya

Just look at the deliciousness Carol made...Sticky Buns

Tonya's yummy Charleston Breakfast Casserole

Bobbi's perfect fruit salad

Nothing like brunch and a cup of coffee with lifelong friends

One last picture before we once again head our separate ways

I'm looking forward to our next gathering...wherever that might be. I still love the yellow rose and our values:  friendship, truth and integrity. I am so grateful for the encouragement and prayers these sisters have offered in the trials of the past year. TYES love always!

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  1. So glad you could squeeze this brunch in! Such yummy food and wonderful fellowship!

  2. Thanks for such a sweet post. We all so enjoyed that morning together which had been a long time coming! Hope so much time doesn't pass before we see each other again.