Thursday, May 12, 2011

Off to Florida We Go!

We have been anticipating our trip to Florida for quite a while now and are so excited it is finally here. My nephew, Ben, and his fiance Alli, are getting married in Winter Park on Saturday and most of my family will be there, including aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sister in laws. Here is a picture of the happy couple:

In addition, Ernie and I graduated from UCF in Orlando, and I am so excited about having the opportunity to have breakfast with some of my sorority sisters! It has been too many years since I have seen them and I can't wait to catch up! Wonder if you can find me in this picture (hint, third row from top)...

Then of course, since we will be in Orlando, we have to head to DISNEY WORLD with the grandchildren. Do you think they are ready? Many thanks to the Dews for making it possible for us to tag along and help out with the kiddos!

We will be staying on property, allowing Ernie to head back to the resort to rest. It will be challenging to be on his feet all the time being that sitting to rest isn't an option for him unless we find a stray recliner hanging around somewhere! He has been enjoying aquatic therapy, so the pool will offer a welcome break from the heat of the day.

And lastly, this little one will be joining us as well for her first trip to Florida. Can't believe she is two months old already and can't wait to get my hands on her!

Following Disney we will head to High Springs for a visit with the Catos (Ernie's sister and her husband). So glad to finally make it down to see them!

Have a wonderful week and we will be posting lots of  memorable tales and pictures of our Florida adventure when we get back! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel, for Ernie's immune system to ward off any "bugs", and his ability to do ALOT of standing and walking,


  1. Wishing you the most fun and memorable trip ever.

  2. We're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Enjoy your ENTIRE trip...

  3. Have a great time! As for that sorority photo well is it any wonder Ernie picked you, but did you all share the one dress for the photo shoot? ;D

  4. Glad to hear you are making this trip now with all the excitment of Disney World and the grandkids. So wish we could see you while you are so close. How long are you in FL? We will be praying for ALL the details for a wonderful time.