Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nick's Peruvian Adventure - The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Definately one of the most amazing places and toughest hikes Nick had ever experienced. Three close friends flew over to hike with him, and the four of them headed up the Inca Trail for the adventure of a lifetime!

Map of Inca Tail elevation - highest being 13,800 feet

Start of the Inca Trail

Porters passing a "weight check" to be certain they aren't carrying too much weight

Bridge at the start of trail with train to Machu Picchu in background

Sabo with first lunch prepared by porters...very fancy
Inca site along trail

Sacred valley

Nick and Sabo, happy to almost be at the highest point of the trail

Hiking, hiking, hiking

Sabo, Nick, Jim and Nick...note the trail that led to where they are!

Up, up, up

Nick and friends, plus porters, cooks and guide

Chinchillas at Machu Picchu...a rare sight

Four days of hiking and here he is...MACHU PICCHU! He is wearing his CancerKicker Dominate t-shirt sending a message to his Dad...dominate Multiple Myeloma!

Clouds cleared and the view was spectacular

Sabo and Nick...hiking buddies, dominating the climb

Another amazing adventure checked off Nick's bucket list!

After soaking in it's beauty, the guys took a bus down to the city


  1. Wow, what a sight. It looks almost too incredible to be real. So proud of him for dominating the Inca Trail!

  2. Nick has done something that I have wanted to do for the past forty some years when a friend of mine told me all about his experience. I am so glad I got to see and hear about it through Nick's eyes.

  3. WOW doesn't do it justice. And that's just for the flower garnish on the food. ;D

  4. There were twelve 30 somethings on our plane from Lima to Cuzco who were doing the four day hike in honor of a guy's 30th birthday. They were from Washington, DC. I took the train, which was beautiful and wonderful by itself. Also hiked an hour up to the Inca Bridge, which was spectacular. Saw 2 college kids from Georgia up there :) I recommend putting Machu Picchu on your bucket list before you're 60 unless you are a triathlete. It was absolutely amazing. We had no clouds in our photos ... an amazing clear day ... perfection!!!

  5. Salkantay Trek is the alternative to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was recently named among the 25 best Treks in the World, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.