Monday, May 23, 2011

Van's Retirement Dinner

Happy Monday! It's good to be home after a nine day trip to Florida. The first event we were able to be a part of in Florida was a retirement dinner for EZ's best man and 'brother-in-law' Dr. Van Mitchell. After a stellar career in teaching and administration, the last 14 1/2 years as principal of Colonial High School in Orlando, he is ready to do a lot more fishing with his boys. It was obvious by the number of people in attendance, including teachers, custodians, administrators, school board members, fellow principals and even students, he is well respected and will be sorely missed walking the hallways of CHS. 

Oh Van, the things you'll do to motivate students!
 Van has been one of the biggest encouragements to Ernie while battling myeloma, calling more times than I can count to check in on how he is doing. He did not know we were coming to the dinner, so you can imagine the look on his face and the huge hug he gave Ernie, being able to see him face to face for the first time since Ernie's diagnosis.

Van and Ernie on our wedding day, December 20th, 1975...look at the hair on these two!

Ernie and Van on May 13, 2011...oh the fishing stories they can tell!

 Van's sister was in my sorority and that is how we first met him. What fun it was to see three of my "sisters" again!
Laura, Linda and I. I love these girls!
My sister Debbie as my maid of honor. She and Van eventually married!
Debbie and I on May 13th, 2011.

Mike and Susan...she and I first met in high school!
A room full of people ready to honor Van

One of the best parts of the "roast"...Van's sister Linda!

Here Linda is in our wedding!
The Assistant Principals had a few gifts for Debbie to help keep Van busy at home!

Van thanking the many people who have influenced his life and career
Congratulations Van on a job well done. As was stated that evening, your shoes will be impossible to fill and your career has shaped the lives of countless young people for the better! Now come see us sometime!

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  1. I loved seeing all the "before" and "after" pics on this post! What good friends ya'll have been for so many years!

  2. So proud of all of your as I have watched your careers unfold over the years. It was fun going back in time. Thanks for the memories.