Sunday, May 29, 2011

EZ Update - Uh Oh...Walking Pneumonia!

As we began our trek home from Florida after two hotel stays, four nights at the Port Orleans, multiple dips in various pools, a full day at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, EZ began to run a fever. It could be controlled with ibuprofen, so we continued heading home, in case we needed to get in touch with his oncologist. Well, the fever re-appeared off and on, ranging from 98.8 to 102.5, with NO OTHER SYMPTOMS, so we decided to give the doctor a call on Monday. He definitely wanted EZ to come in for an exam, in addition to blood work, urinalysis and a chest x-ray. We are so thankful Dr. Kritz is VERY pro-active in treating fevers with his patients, as nothing could be heard in EZ's lungs with the stethoscope, but the films revealed walking pneumonia. The diagnosis really surprised everyone as he had no congestion, no cough, no cold, and no shortness of breath.

EZ has spent the past week on antibiotics... resting, recuperating, deep breathing and sleeping. Thank you for your many prayers. Our goal was to keep him out of the hospital and we are so very grateful that hospitalization wasn't necessary. It all makes us realize just how vulnerable one can be with an immature immune system nine months post-transplant. He doesn't regret the trip for a minute, and even with the use of multiple packs of anti-bacterial wipes, there is absolutely no way to protect one from all the germs out there. We also realized how different one's stamina is after transplant, or just with cancer in general. Activities that seemed rather "normal", can really zap the energy right out of you. EZ really pushed himself, to help out, be a part of, and experience just about everything we were doing, so it didn't surprise me when he got sick or did ALOT of sleeping.

Many have wondered how EZ would "rest" or participate in the various activities. When there's a will, there's a way! Fortunately, Disney buses expect many to stand, and the parks have alot of half walls and long benches in the shade that he could lie down on. Meals meant we found cocktail height tables, or he would simply stand at the table to eat. I can't count the number of times the Disney waiters and waitresses tried to be accomodating and get him a kind. Pushing Nathan and Natalie in the double stroller turned in to "Grandpa's Wild Ride" and they held on for dear life and loved it!

Hopefully all will look good at our follow-up appointment on Wednesday. Though we are so happy EZ was able to take this trip with us, we are once again keenly reminded of how much more fragile one's health can be with multiple myeloma.


  1. Dad,

    I am so glad that you were able to come, though I feel so terrible that you got sick afterwards. It was a dream of mine to take my kids to Disney, and it was SO SPECIAL that you were there to experience it with us. We love you so much and are so grateful for all the ways that you helped at Disney... the kids still think that you pushing them in the stroller was one of the best rides at Disney! Keep resting and getting better. We love you so much!

  2. so sorry you are fighting being sick now, but so glad that you were able to go to DISNEY. what fun memories were made!!

  3. So it's called walking pneumonia because you can still walk with it?

    I'm sure I read somewhere about avoiding ibruprofen if you have myeloma - I'll see if I can find it.