Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Last of Nick's Peruvian Adventure Pictures - Northern Peru and Chan Chan

This post concludes Nick's Peruvian Adventure pictures. Of course I shared only a sampling of what he saw and experienced in Peru, but hopefully it helped show what a fascinating country it is, from the mountains to the desert to Lake Titicacca and the magnificent Machu Picchu. We are thankful for Nick's protection while away, and certainly expect to hear that he is planning another trip in the not too distant future!

Macura lighthouse where everyone gathered when tsunami was expected - it never came thank goodness!
Definately higher ground

View from lighthouse as sun set over the Pacific Ocean

Chan Chan - sight of ancient civilization

Nick being Nick

Intricate design

Dunes surrounding Huacachina and Hanna from Norway

Two people having fun with the self timer in a vast desert

Ta da!
Huacachina - an oasis in the desert

Ceviche - raw fish marinated in citric juice eaten all over the Peruvian coast

Breakfast - chocolate filled crepe and ice cream/yogurt fruit salad - YUMMY!

Time to buy a few souveniers and head home


  1. That oasis and sand dunes still amaze me! And I could've eaten some of those crepes though the raw fish didn't look too appealing. So glad that you had fun, Nick! But more glad that you are home!!! Love you!

  2. Huacachina does just look amazing. If I saw that in a film I wouldn't think it was real. :D

  3. I was at that oasis! Very surreal. Audrey tried dune boarding at our hotel ... a lot harder than snow boarding :)