Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doing it Right

When I was running my remodeling business, I would not send the customer an invoice until such time as the job was complete, it was done right, and the customer was satisfied. I believed I shouldn't get paid until the job was done, and done right.

One of the interesting themes in the comments to our blog has been how people are amazed at me always smiling, always happy, always upbeat. The picture above had multiple comments all saying how happy I looked. Believe me, there have been some very difficult times battling this disease, and I don't want to make it sound like it hasn't been hard or that we haven't shed our share of tears. But Someone has made a huge difference for me.

Here is my secret: Early on in my diagnosis I decided that I needed God's help. This myeloma thing was bigger than me and I wanted not only God's help, but I needed to turn the whole thing over to Him, trusting Him completely. I wanted to be a witness for Him in everything I did in treating this disease...an example to my family of how a Christian handles adversity...an example to friends of a joyous life amid tough trials...an example to others of how important faith is in handling life, in good times and bad. I wanted to do it right.

In January we turned it over completely to God, asking for strength, wisdom, and the right doctors and treatment. Over the last nine months we have seen His handiwork time and time again...miracle after miracle that only He could perform. We are truly blessed. So why am I smiling and why do I look so happy? Because the joy of the Lord is my strength! Not joy in the fact that I have this terrible disease called Multiple Myeloma, but joy in knowing I am never alone, God's plan for me is perfect, and He will give me all I need to endure. I can trust Him completely. He is faithful and true. He is God and I am not. He will help me do it right.

Nehemiah 8:10 -...for the joy of the Lord is your strength.


  1. I think He's most definitely helping you to do it right, Dad! I am constantly amazed at your joy, strength, and faith...despite the VERY difficult circumstances of the last 9 months. Only by His grace!!!

  2. Love you EZ! Can't wait to hug you again soon!

  3. Well, you have done it right! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Let us know when we can visit.

  4. This is exactly what I said to our young daughter who came crying into our room one night telling me she was afraid something might happen to us. I knew she really meant her dad(my husband who was only 43 at MM diagnosis). I told her this was much too big for a little girl to handle and that it had to be given over to God to worry about. Caregiving and researching has been a huge responsibility for me and sometimes can be overwhelming and it's those times when I try to remember that I may be rowing along here but someone else is ultimately steering the boat.
    Great post. Your are truly blessed.