Monday, October 25, 2010

Someone Stole My Feet.........

Has anyone seen my feet? Size 10 1/2 EE. Hard working, never complaining, strong, able, all the toes, etc. I believe someone stole them and replaced them with an inferior set.

The current ones hurt, tingle, burn, some toes don't work, and they are always complaining about something.... sometimes they are so sensitive that pain erupts if anything even touches them while other times the numbing tingling shooting pain is so severe that I am sure that I am sure that I am standing in a fire ant bed. At night they are difficult, not wanting to go to sleep and often waking me up at some very early hour. I often have to hang them off the end of the bed so that nothing touches them. At what point did my feet become spoiled adolescents?

My beautiful caregiver treats them like royalty, applying a special nerve concoction cream every morning and night, putting on extra soft socks, and yesterday even helped me buy some cushy walking shoes.

These feet are definitely not the set that came as original equipment 58 years ago.

So if you are out and about or on the web, please keep an eye out for my old feet. I am monitoring Craigs list and EBay on a daily basis.........


  1. I hope you find those feet! in the mean time enjoy your soft comfortable shoes...and the caregiver who rubs foot cream on "the replacements"! Love you Mr. Ernie!

  2. Tut, some people will steal anything if its not nailed down! ;D

  3. Oh Dad, I can't imagine how hard it is to have this pain in your feet all the time. Praying for you and that your old feet will return soon!

  4. Your new feet are on our Sunday School prayer list. Since the old ones have been missing for a while - I don't expect them to turn up - so I'm confidently expecting God to fix these new ones!!

  5. We are keeping our eyes open and our prayers continuing for those feet of yours.