Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Servant Hearts and Helping Hands

Last Saturday morning we awoke to frost on the ground and a brisk 29 degrees. However, that did not deter the youth, parents and brotherhood of Stony Hill Baptist Church! They showed up bright and early to rake, blow, and move some leaves. By the time I grabbed my camera they had already done so much work, and it was only 8:30am. We were amazed! Note the gorgeous green grass that emerged from under the leaves.

Carol, Pops and Novlen

That is one full tarp of leaves

Bobby and Derek hard at work

Nick joining in

Lee tackled the side yard


Mollie, Sophie and Rebecca

EZ joined in this year!

Every country girl needs a t-shirt like this:

Beautiful Sophie

As everyone worked their way to the front of our yard, I grabbed a group shot.

Now...time for jumping in those huge piles of leaves and indulging in Krispy Kremes, hot chocolate, and coffee

Carol showing the youth how it's done!

Sophie, Suzanna and Monica followed suit

And now for the big reveal:

During this season of thanksgiving, we are so very grateful for those who were willing to brave the cold, and give up their Saturday morning, in order to help us. We sure do love the body of Christ at SHBC! Many thanks to them and we hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!