Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday - It's Just a Cold/Sinus Infection!

About 10 days ago EZ started with a sore throat. He seemed to feel better for a few days after gargling with Listerine...his secret weapon for fighting germs! We were visiting his folks when the nasal congestion and cough began, and he didn't take too much time to rest and take it easy. He was loving being able to work on projects, take long walks in the woods with his mom and dad, and breathe in the crisp mountain air. Fortunately he never ran a fever or felt short of breath. 

We got home last Friday, just in time to get up early Saturday and attend the 14th Annual Survivors Reunion for the Duke Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic (More on that tomorrow). No rest for the weary. The "cold" took it's toll...the cough worsened, the energy waned, and the voice started to disappear. Pneumonia is always a huge fear for someone with a baby immune system, so we were being very diligent with medication to treat the symptoms. I even broke out the incentive spirometer (remember having to use one of those following surgery anyone?) and made him take deep breaths to hopefully keep his lungs clear. (Dr. Kritz, EZ's oncologist, cracked up when I told him I did this. He said no one, in his 25 years practicing, has ever told him they did that unless it was right after surgery or something. Oh well, hopefully it helped!)

EZ was due for bloodwork only at his appointment yesterday, but Dr. Kritz was kind enough to work him in for an office visit as well. I was definitely wanting those lungs listened to after his bout with walking pneumonia last May.

GOOD NEWS:  Lungs were clear! I was ecstatic! The doc prescribed an antibiotic to knock out the possible sinus infection, told EZ to continue taking the Mucinex and cough medicine as needed, discontinue Revlimid (his maintenance chemo pill) for 2 weeks to strengthen his immune system, and stay away from anyone with green lines coming from their nose (gross, I know).  A definite answer to many prayers and they are deeply appreciated.


  1. Yes, what an answer to prayer!!!! Good thing he has a wonderful nurse like you at home!!!

  2. Glad he is getting great care at home. The cold season is in full swing here in Northern Cal. All my family has had it, except me !!! Hand washing and just being aware of the transmission links for the virus has helped me avoid it. Get better EZ... Praying...