Monday, December 5, 2011

Stepping Up.

About a month ago Jamie came to me with a project request. "We need some steps" was his simple request. He was officiating a marriage and the couple wanted to have the ceremony in our FLC (Family Life Center). Unfortunately, there were no central steps for the couple to use when they walked down the aisle. It wasn't a big request, but it was one that got me back in my shop building something. Normally, my feet and legs would start aching after an hour or so, limiting my activities to smaller projects. For some reason, on this project  they seemed to do much better. Here are some pictures from the 'steps' project:

The stringers are cut and installed

Adding the treads

 Hidden, retractable casters make it easy to move

Ready for carpet

Carpeted and ready to move 

Jamie came over and helped with the carpeting and then he, Nick and I moved the steps into the FLC the day prior to the wedding.  In all, a great little project!  (Oh, the wedding came came off without incident and the steps worked perfectly). My building services have been requested once again for two additional sets of steps and I am happy to oblige. 


  1. So thankful for you Mr. E! You can do anything!

  2. Wow they look great!!! Tim the tool time hammer is back!!!

  3. Big EZ... They look great! Every church needs a person who can do this stuff. See God did have a reason for keeping you around, Great Job!!!!

  4. Dad, I cannot thank you enough for doing these stairs! They turned out so good and were absolutely perfect! Your craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me (and everyone else too!). I love you so much!

  5. you are soooo talented Mr. B. SO glad to see you are back at it!

  6. Hi. What a great space,thanks for sharing. Loved all the pictures, especially all that Family Photo.

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