Friday, December 30, 2011

Who is That Bearded Man in the Red Suit?

Kids react in all kinds of ways when they meet Santa. Some are too young to be scared of that jolly old soul with all the white hair wearing a soft red suit. Some don't mind a bit because they know who he represents and they have a few Christmas wishes to share with him. Others are in the "stranger anxiety" stage and they let mommy and daddy know they don't like sitting on Santa's lap. Hope you enjoy these pictures I found of my siblings and I, Nick, and the Nats through the years, and then most recently Emery's first introduction to Santa.

Linda's older brother David, not too thrilled with Santa

Linda at 9 months. So bundled I can't move, but at least I'm not crying!

Linda and her brother Johnny...happy kids!

Nick doesn't look scared at all

Nathan and Natalie at about 8 months...poor Nathan!

Natalie doesn't seem to mind Santa in 2011, though he doesn't look very jolly!

Leah, Kyle and a happy Emery at 9 months

Uh oh...who is this guy?


Kids just love Santa!

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