Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Jet Plane Bound for Georgia!

Packed my bag last night and hopped on a plane bound for Georgia today. I will be helping out with our sweet granddaughter Emery, while her mommy, Leah, has surgery tomorrow (Friday) morning to remove her thyroid.

Leah has had benign nodules slowly growing on her thyroid, and the doctor felt it was best to remove it. Please keep her in your prayers, for no complications, minimal swelling and nausea, and that her recovery would be swift. 

I will be staying the whole week to help Kyle care for Leah and Emery, and to finish up last minute packing as they move back to NC next Friday! Busy times for sure. Thank you for your prayers for our daughter, and for EZ, as he and Mom take care of one another back at home while I am away!


  1. Hope ya'll are having a great time!!!! Wish so much I was with you! I'm praying for Leah tomorrow! Keep us posted!!!

  2. Praying both Leah and Ez...

    Both will need it I'm sure.