Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Days with the Dewdrops

Living as next door neighbors to Tara, Jamie and the grands, hardly a day goes by that we don't see one another. For a little over eight years now we have done life together, especially when twins entered the picture (twice!) and Multiple Myeloma threw us into a tailspin. We count it a great blessing to be a part of their lives on a regular basis and feel that our grandchildren have been the best medicine for Big EZ. We just love them to pieces. Here is an iPhone glimpse into some of our recent memories:



  1. I thank the Lord every day that I can be a part of the every day life of this family!

  2. I love these pictures and that we are so close! Love you all!!!!

  3. Speaking as a new g'ma to twins, I depend on the iPhone photos to keep me updated on the progress of those two little rascals... but I am going to be moving closer next year so I don't have to rely solely on technology!