Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Boonetown

It's always a beautiful sight as we're driving toward Boone on 421, and the mountains are finally visible in front of us. I always want to snap a picture of it, so this time I did! (though it's not the best, in the car, with my phone).

We met some friends at Cracker Barrel our first morning in Boone and I spotted these. Go Heels!

Rain was expected for much of the week, so we had to take advantage of this pretty morning for a walk in the park.

 Summer is in full bloom in Boonetown.

 We made two visits here on this trip and all I can say as a bread lover is...yum!

After many years in Boone, we were finally able to get together for dinner with our neighbors on the cul-de-sac; Mike, Diane and Susan. We have all experienced life-changing hardships and heartbreak since we met 8 years ago, including the death of a child, cancer diagnoses, and the death of a spouse. We are blessed to know them, have tried to support one another, and always enjoy catching up when we are in town.

 Our dogs love how cool it is in the mountains, even on rainy days, with doors open and a cool breeze blowing. Abby is especially thrilled when a chipmunk strolls by!


  1. I love the NC mountains - and do hope to make it more of a tradition to travel there. Rich and I just got through saying that we need to make the trip to the mountains way more often ... as close as they are! There is something so incredibly peaceful about the mountains ... and the beauty is overwhelming!
    Thank God for His creation ... and for good friends!