Monday, July 9, 2012

Nick Heads Back to Chapel Hill

After two unexpected years back at home, it was time for Nick to head for Chapel Hill and get settled in for four years of dental school, beginning next month. He has been such a huge blessing to our family as he stepped in to help out when his dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in 2010. He has provided support, companionship, love, and laughter in ways we will never forget. Now it's time to once again hit the books and enjoy younger company, as he pursues his dream of becoming Dr. Nick Baker. He and EZ loaded up the trailer and his Camry, and off they went. His room at home looked mighty empty after they left, and Grandma and I shed a few tears for sure. Just thankful he's only about 45 minutes up the road. (Looks like my efforts to put a few pounds on that lanky 6'4" frame of his didn't pan out!)

 Here are a few pics of where he will be spending most of his time in the coming years:

He has moved into a house with 5 friends who are either working full-time, or pursuing advanced degrees in law or medicine, and it is within walking distance to the School of Dentistry. For now he continues to work full time at Quintiles, and is enjoying a shorter commute. Here is a look at his new room thanks to Craigslist (and a few items from home). He has lots more pictures, a bulletin board, and a dry erase board to hang on the walls, but I had to post at least one picture before we left, showing everything in it's place with no clothes on the bed or floor! Love you Nick and wish you only the best as you begin the next journey.


  1. It has been wonderful to have Nick home for the last two years! He has helped us in so many ways and his love of life and ability to keep us laughing has been invaluable. We are blessed as he is a fine young man and we are so excited that he is getting to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist. We are doubly blessed that he is going to be just 45 minutes away in Chapel Hill. Love ya Nick!

  2. So happy for Nick and the next adventure he's going to jump into! I love his new room, can't wait to see it in person! Love you Nicky!

  3. Thanks guys... Couldn't have done with move without you, and I hope I've communicated how thankful I am for my time at home! Love you and I will see you soon!