Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nick Battles the Bees

My brother Johnny and sister-in-law JoAnn came in to town for a few days, so we invited Nick to come over and join us for dinner and a visit one night. We had noticed a huge bee hive in one of our azaleas that afternoon and EZ had purchased some spray to go after them with. Nick volunteered to take them on after they tried to sting him in our driveway, and promptly "suited up" and headed outside, spray can in hand. (He never ceases to entertain us!) EZ drove our car to a strategic spot to photograph the assault, as Johnny provided moral support outside. Mom, JoAnn and I were cracking up at the three of them from the safety of the house. Look closely at the first shot to see the hive close up. It measured about 12" long by 10" high and was buzzing with bees. Still aren't quite sure what they were, but we suspect hornets.

 The killer in action trying to spray into the opening of the hive!

 Run for your life!

 Nick with his most appropriate Just Do It shirt, Mom, Johnny and JoAnn after we celebrated victory!

The next day we snapped a few pictures before J & J headed for Charlotte to visit their daughter and family. Mom had given them a few of my Dad's favorite hats, so we had a bit of fun as they modeled them. Fond memories for sure as we pictured him wearing them while mowing the lawn or just sitting outside. As always, our time together passed all too quickly!



  1. Love the hat pictures. So glad y'all had a great visit. And as always the story of Nick suiting up to spray the hornets cracks me up.

  2. By the look of the paper looking hive, I suspect paper wasps. They can be aggressive if disturbed. In the future they make a spray that renders them flightless and so once you hit them with the spray they can't come after you. They also don't sting the way bees do. Honey bees can only sting once then they die. Paper wasps don't have a barb on the end of their stinger so they can sting over and over again. You should NEVER kill American honey bees! Local bee keepers will come get those and put them in a hive for honey, plus they aren't aggressive. I worked bees with my uncle when I was growing up. Lots of fun and I still love having bees around the house.

    Great picture and I'm sure it was a great laugh and loads of fun!

    1. Thanks Steven for the insight. The hive looked similar to the paper wasp and the hornet, so we had no idea! Will try to take a good look at one of the hopefully dead bees when we get back home from Boone. Paper wasps sound pretty terrible!

  3. As always, never enough time with Johnny and JoAnn, but am thankful for the time spent with them. Nick kept us laughing as he suited up to tackle the bees. I loved our time spent together with family.