Monday, August 23, 2010

Send Off Dinner With Family

It was so good to gather as a family once again, after a few weeks of isolation in preparation for the stem cell harvest. Now it was time to say goodbye for a few more weeks while we move to Durham, have the transplant, and wait for Ernie's blood to basically start from scratch and rebuild. Leah and Kyle came in town to meet their new nephew (on the Guenther side) and joined us for our special dinner Saturday night. Grandma joined in the fun as well.

Ernie was so excited to be able to spend time with the family and see our grandchildren again! (Mask came off only to eat)

Masks were definately the order of the night, and even the Nats got in on the fun!

After a delicious steak dinner we enjoyed our new favorite dessert...Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings (add a scoop of vanilla ice cream while serving)!

What a wonderful time we had! We look so forward to getting through the transplant process so that we can enjoy many, many more family dinners together!


  1. We had so much fun visiting with everyone this weekend. Loved the Apple Dumplings and taking walks with Dad. Love you guys and will be praying that the move is easy today!

  2. First time visiting the blog (even though Nick has kept me up to speed on the progress). Big E is lookin good! Might have to drop the "Big." Glad to hear everything is going well. Won't be long before he can smoke Nick and me on the racquetball court. Best of luck to all the Bakes.

  3. i think i need the recipe for the apple dumpling dessert. maybe i'll be looking for it to show up on leah's blog. praying all went well with the move today!!