Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Nickster

Words could never adequately express how grateful Ernie and I are for Nick being here at home with us as we devote this year to battling myeloma. He willingly, and without hesitation, left his new life in California to return to the east coast and help us.

From yard sales,

to yard work,

to digging fence posts,

to entertaining and holding nephews and neices,

to wiring and all sorts of handyman work,

to keeping us laughing,

to working at his rather usual job very late at night,

to moral support,

Nick has been there for us every step of the way. He is a son every parent could be proud of and we are so grateful that God blessed us with him some 24 years ago. His sense of humor, quick wit, unselfish heart and willingness to help however and wherever needed, are traits we love about him. He has matured and taken on alot more responsibility these past 8 months, and it is a joy to see him growing into the man we dreamed he would be. Hopefully he will be able to continue enjoying his passion for traveling to various worldwide destinations such as the jungles of Central America,

and then eventually settle down and pursue dentistry and orthodontics in the future (yes, this is primitive denistry at its best!).

We love you Nick and thank you so much for walking with us during the good and bad times.


  1. now this is the type of blog post i like to see baby

  2. Yep, words can't express how grateful we are for you, Bud! Love you so much!

  3. I couldn't agree any more. Love Nick to death, and feel so blessed to have him as my brother!

  4. Nick is a "keeper" for sure. There aren't too many out there who would put their future on hold to do what he has done. I am so proud of him and love him more than words can say. Love the photos you have chosen to depict the many "faces" of Nick.

  5. I Love the picture of Nick and Nathan! It cracks me up every time! :0)

  6. What a great post.... This is what family is all about! :) You're the man, Nick!

  7. Nick is definitely the definition of a great son! I know you all feel so blessed to have him in your lives! The Lord will surely reward him for all the sacrifices he has made!! I love the pictures, especially the last one!! :)

  8. Yes, he is a fine young man and I have been blessed in the short time of seeing him and his love and devotion to his family! A true gift!