Sunday, August 22, 2010

Biding Time in Durham

These are some of the foods Ernie will hopefully be enjoying in Durham. He loves anything cold, so popsicles always hit the spot. And then there are Cheetos...for some reason they are something he is really craving right now. Hard candy helps with dry mouth, and of course, who wouldn't love Dove chocolate!

'Words with Friends' is something we both love to play...basically it's Scrabble on our phones. We sit for hours playing one another, along with other family members and friends. It really helps to pass the time while waiting...which we do alot of lately!

Laptop, webcam, Encouragement Jar, 2 books that Nick thinks he would enjoy. Ernie will spend hours working in his laptop, writing and answering emails, and checking the kids' blogs. He loves picking a new note out of his jar each morning and his heart truly is encouraged by every one of them. And books...well we'll see. He doesn't do much reading apart from things on his computer, but Nick hopes he'll start.

Time for tea! That's what I hope for...less coffee and more tea. Just brings me to a place of relaxation and my favorite color is red, so I love my cup and teapot.

Thank you notes. I love handwritten notes and there are so many people I want to thank for Standing in the Gap. Unfortunately I don't have a record of all who purchased raffle and dinner tickets, but for those who donated that I do know about, hopefully you will receive a thank you note.

Watermelon. This just tastes really good to Ernie right now, so we will be sure to have plenty of it on hand!

My Transplant Handbook (never leave home without it), Bible (my daily bread and source of strength), Journal (so much happening that I want to record), 2 new books (not a reader but am going to try), and yes...Weight Watchers point counter, food tracker and motivational reading (sadly I seem to be finding all the weight Ernie is losing).

Yarn and knitting needles. My Mom taught me to knit last night and I have started a "Prayer Shawl". This is a ministry where the knitter prays for the breast cancer patient who will be receiving her shawl. I have always wanted to learn to knit and thought it would be a great distraction while sitting and watching Ernie sleep during treatment.

Nick got us a subscription to Netflix, so we all have enjoyed a number of movies already... right from the comfort of our own bed!

Of course there will be lots of traveling back and forth from apartment to clinic, lots of lab studies and different medications and infusions, and hopefully lots of rest and sleeping for Ernie. We'll see what else we can find to do, but for now these are the things we'll be sure to bring along!

Thank you again for your prayers on this journey. Eight months ago this was our goal...get to transplant! We can hardly believe the actual day of transplant is almost here and we are so very grateful.


  1. And we will continue with you on this journey through our prayers!

  2. looks like you are all set! praying for your transition to the apartment.

  3. You've chosen many good things to pack and take with you!!!! We will miss having you right next store, but are so excited that the transplant time is here. And as Dad said tonight, "Let's get it started!" So proud of you both for your positive attitudes, faithfulness and perseverance on this journey. Love you so much!

  4. you have alot of fun things to keep you busy while you will be waiting! Praying for Mr. Ernie! :0)

  5. It looks like you guys will stay busy while you are there. I am sad I did not get to give you a hug on Sunday, Linda. I am always so delighted to see you and sit on the row with you at church. Once Ernie is better I will be glad to see you more! We are praying very fervantly for both of you. We will also pray that the 2-3 weeks will fly by for both of you! :) We love you guys so much!!

  6. you've planned well. packed up lots of goodies to pass the time. we pray that once this is behind you, you can look back and say "it went faster than we thought" you both please hang in there. we look forward to keeping up with all the good progress through the blog, maybe a phone call too, we can pass some time that way also. love you both.