Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

This week is the start of my Stem Cell Transplant program at Duke. The final approval appointment is Wednesday and then on Thursday I check into Duke Hospital. There they will perform a surgical procedure to remove my port, install a Hickman Catheter, and I will then receive the first of two major chemo infusions.

The other day someone asked if I was ready for the Stem Cell Transplant process. Having never gone through such an intensive procedure, I am hardly the expert to ask! However, the Lord has provided Linda and I with outstanding doctors and they believe I am ready.

The scripture shows us how God prepares his children for challenges. In the book of Job, He shows us a man who is blessed with all the earthly trimmings; however the bible describes him simply as a man who fears God. The Lord had prepared Job with the right relationship with Himself, that even when Satan attacked, Job did not blame God or lose faith. What has always impressed me about Job’s story is that God brought Job to Satan's attention. The Lord had prepared Job and knew he was ready for anything that Satan could muster.

I believe it is the same way with me. God has been preparing me for many years to handle every aspect of this cancer. From the first diagnosis, to a long hospital stay, to the ongoing pain, to an invasive Stem Cell Transplant. He has me ready.

In my case He has provided me with otherwise good health, a relatively young age (Myeloma patients usually are in their 60's-70's before being diagnosed), early diagnosis before significant widespread bone damage or fracture had occurred, a wonderfully supportive family and body of believers, His Word, a home, insurance coverage, a loving and talented wife/caregiver, etc. The list goes on and on. He also has been with us every step of the way, aligning events as only He could.

He has prepared me for this challenge and as such I am looking forward to it. Yes, I would prefer not to have cancer, but since I do, I know that the Lord has prepared me for it and is walking with me through itI’M READY. I look forward to long term remission, free from chemo and cancer, and this is the path to get there.

Last night one of my barbers (Nick) pulled out the clippers and we put a #1 blade guard on.

Sorry….I probably should have warned you…I had Nick cut it really short.
I will be losing my hair and wanted to prepare my grand kids to recognize me with no locks…..They are great medicine for me and I did not want them to be uncomfortable with how I might look.

Am I ready? Yes! Let’s get going! I believe the Lord has me prepared.

Thank you to all the wonderful prayer warriors that have been lifting Linda and I up in preparation for this procedure. We cannot even begin to express how appreciative we are for each of you. The encouragement that we receive from just knowing you are praying for us is wonderful. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

P.S. Linda will post specific prayer requests as Thursday approaches.


  1. The haircut looks great! We'll be praying for you as you prepare to undergo the transplant. Thanks for the timeline & dates.

  2. praying for you all. mr. baker you are such an encouragement. we all forget to soon that god prepares us all. it is a blessing to be reminded of that from you. so glad you feel "ready". bring it on...

  3. I love you, Daddy!

    PS. My kids think you are pretty awesome too:) And they REALLY like your haircut!

  4. I'm inspired by you, awed by your faithfulness, proud to know you, thankful to have you as my uncle, blessed to watch a man being carried by the grace of God. Love you and praying daily for you and Aunt Linda!

  5. Praying for your entire family as you continue this journey.

  6. I've followed Linda's comments for weeks now as we've prayed for you, but your post brought me to tears. Your testimony of God's faithfulness is priceless.
    Dave and I are walking it with you in prayer. God speed, my friend.

  7. Dad you look great, love you!!

  8. The Weber's are praying for your family during this time!

  9. Thinking about you guys!! Love this post- you are truly an inspiration!! Love you!