Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Away From Home

On Monday evening we moved into our home away from home for 2-3 weeks, a furnished apartment in Durham. We were pleasantly surprised to find it large (2 bedroom, 2 bath), well furnished, clean, and convenient. We feel blessed to be staying here, rather than in the hospital, and are so thankful insurance covers it as part of the transplant process. It was definitely a role reversal for Nick to be moving us in and then heading home...we all agreed it felt weird for sure! Anyone curious to see what it looks like? Well, let the tour begin...

We are on the first floor corner, bottom right in this picture. There is alot of shrubbery and everything is really well kept.

We were surprised by the two dead bolts...welcome to Durham!

We have a nice screened is an additional charge though, so no sitting outside for us.

Nice master bedroom with 'Dream Bedding'...white soft sheets and duvet with down alternative blanket.

Of course we brought our SITG signed banner and hung it right in the living room...we love it and find it so encouraging!

We also brought a ribbon so we could hang each of the hearts Ernie reads from the encouragement jar. They hang right on our bedroom window so he can look at them often.

Our kitchen has all the conveniences and we were surprised to find that the utensils, pots, pans, coffee maker, and blender all appeared to be brand new! The washer and dryer are in the room right off the kitchen.

This is how we eat...Ernie standing and me sitting.

Of course we needed wall art and Nathan and Natalie provided that for us!

We think this apartment will do just fine as our home away from home, but of course there is no place like our real home and we sure will be thankful to get back to Wake Forest, our family, friends, and doggies!


  1. It looks rather nice to be a home away from home! we praying for you guys!! We love you!!

  2. Its very nice though we agree: Come back as soon as you can!

  3. It's not like I can hop in the car and run over. Nice apartment, but I'll be glad when you're home! Counting the days! Love you both.

  4. Thank you for touring us around the apartment! Looks pretty homey with the artwork, banner and notes everywhere!

  5. L & E: Somehow we missed any opportunity to sign the banner in person since we couldn't make it to the SITG event. So - sign it for us (will that count?) with lots of love and know that we are with you in thought and prayer every day! God bless you both, Bennie & Eddie.

  6. This is really nice, thanks for the tour. Hope you can enjoy while you're there but get released sooner than expected, because there's just no place like home.