Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Festivities 2011

Ernie's day began at church for Donuts with Dad, which he thoroughly enjoyed with his firstborn, Tara!

Following afternoon naps, the Dews came over for a delicious steak dinner...a special request by the dads!

Next came the opening of gifts...look at that good handwriting and those proud grandchildren!

Time for dessert,  homemade French Silk Pie a favorite with EZ and Jamie!

And to complete EZ's wonderful day...a foot massage by Samuel!

Let me leave you with a video of Samantha giving her Grandpa lots of love after he shares bites of his French Silk Pie with her...priceless!

We missed Leah, Kyle, Emery and Nick, but thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Dews and Gigi celebrating the joys of being a dad with our resident fathers, Ernie and Jamie. You two (and Kyle) represent everything a dad should be!


  1. It was a wonderful day! We loved spending breakfast and dinner with you!! Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

  2. what sweet samantha loving!!!!

  3. what a fun (and delicious day). Special day indeed for the dads.