Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Beautiful surroundings and nice long walks with those we love!

Our week in Boone has once again flown by way too quickly, but we feel like we took advantage of the cooler weather, gorgeous mountains and extra time to get outdoors and just walk. Multiple Myeloma has caused so many aches and pains for EZ, but walking, along with swimming, definitely seems to help. So walk we do...every day if possible. And what better place to walk than in parks or greenways surrounded by mountains, creeks and lakes! Our two Springers love to come along, especially when water is involved! Here are a few pictures of our 2nd walk on the State Farm Greenway property, just before the sky opened up and it poured down rain on us...

On Tuesday, we packed a picnic and headed over to Blowing Rock to walk around beautiful Bass Lake in the Moses Cone Park. It consists of 3,516 acres full of apple orchards, mountain laurel, rhododendron and other varieties of gorgeous woodland. The lake was full of lily pads and Canadian geese this year, and it isn't unusual to spot people riding horses on the 25 miles of carriage trails. Just beautiful...

Mast General had a big shoe sale, so I was able to buy my first pair of Chacos. I've watched Nick wear his non-stop for years now. Well, I'm a believer. They are so comfortable and I love them for walking the dogs in water, especially in creek beds and on rocks because they don't slip and slide like my Crocs. And it sure beats taking my tennis shoes off and walking barefoot! (please excuse my ugly feet)

Until next time...happy walking!


  1. Gorgeous photographs. I love the foot shot - I take lots of those myself. So glad you had some time away in such a beautiful place. But I have to admit, I'm glad I'm not the one who had to wash those spaniels after their swims. :-)

  2. Such great pictures of such beautiful surroundings, you did a wonderful job of bringing us right along with you. love the shoes, i need to look into that brand.

  3. We'll have to go to those parks next time we come up! Glad you are coming home today- We miss you!

  4. Hate that it poured down rain on you guys but isn't that trail so pretty? Glad you are getting out and going on so many walks! Kyle and I love our chacos too, awesome for walking!

  5. That just looks gorgeous. As for your feet they're not ugly. This is from someone who has to avert/cover their eyes and groan at the site of ugly feet! Although you may be a bit long in the toe. ;D