Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Great Report from Duke at Ten Months Post Transplant

Yesterday it was time once again for another three month check up at Duke, this one being almost ten months post transplant. It is always good to see so many familiar faces as we walk the hallways, and we will forever be grateful for the amazing level of care EZ received throughout the transplant process. Walking into the building, washing our hands, and donning our masks, brings back many more good memories than bad. The transplant most certainly gave us hope for a future free from multiple myeloma. Take a look back on our post about the ABMT Clinic here.

We love the fact that Duke's Transplant Clinic is a freestanding building, a unit unto itself. It somehow seems smaller and more personal than a big hospital. Over time, we began to feel like we were part of a family that consisted of other patients, caregivers, nurses and doctors. We spent weeks, and some spend months there, together with others going through the transplant process. We cheered one another on as we walked laps inside the clinic or reached other types of milestones. We exchanged email and blog addresses and still keep in touch. We are forever bound together by the diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

Well, once again we are so thrilled to report that all is well with EZ! Blood counts look great and we don't need to be seen again until September, which will be thirteen months post transplant. At that time they will test Ernie's blood and urine for all the myeloma markers, check to see what immunity he has left in order to repeat certain critical vaccines, have long bone x-rays done, and in other words do a very extensive evaluation of how the transplant did. Right now he is in Complete Response and we sure hope he will stay that way for a very long time to come!

We left with a new prescription for Metanx,which we hope will help with the neuropathy in EZ's feet. They are constantly either numb, tingling, asleep, or really hurting from stabbing pains in his toes. Hopefully this will help! Just one of the side effects of taking such powerful chemo drugs to kill the cancer.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers on our journey. We feel so blessed to be where we are!

Walking with Big EZ in Boone - July 2010

Walking with Big EZ in Boone - June 2011


  1. You both have been great role models during this process! Love you!

  2. SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Love you guys!!

  3. Wonderful news! What a gift!

  4. This is SUCH great news! Love to you guys.

  5. Fantastic news! :D

  6. I just sent this for encouragement to a friend of mine whose sister is about to begin the stem cell harvesting...