Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Family...Something to Celebrate!

I just love these pictures because they represent so many families and generations. As the Stout family grows and our children become adults, marry and often move away, it becomes more and more difficult to get everyone together. The last time many of us gathered was for my father's funeral in June of 2009, a sad time for all of us. My mother's sister, CC, and my father's brother, Frank, were able to attend, so there are 26 of us pictured.

Well...Ben and Alli's wedding provided the perfect opportunity for almost all of us to rendezvous once again (under much happier circumstances) in Orlando. Seeing this picture was amazing to me because there are actually 26 of us in the picture small feat! We have added 3 new children and one new spouse to the clan. Seems like there are ALOT of children in this next picture...what a blessing! I think it's funny that none of them are really smiling or looking at the camera.

It all began when David Stout married Virginia Koch.

They had David, Linda and Johnny.

David married Anne and had Summer and David. He is now married to Shannon.

Linda married Ernie Baker and had Tara, Leah and Nick.

Johnny married JoAnn and had Sarah and Ben.

Summer married Jeff  Green and had Jake and Ella. David is still single.

Tara married Jamie Dew and had Natalie, Nathan, Samantha and Samuel. Leah married Kyle Guenther and had Emery. Nick is still single.

Sarah married David Hamilton and had Addyson. They are now expecting Jaxon. Ben married Alli.

And there you have it! The Stout Family Tree!

My mother (aka Mom/Grandma/Gigi) is so proud and now has:
3 children, with spouses
7 grandchildren, 5 grandchildren by marriage, 8 great grandchildren, 1 great grandchild on the way.



  1. Yes it is! Family is so special!!!

  2. When I met David at age 13, it was love at first sight, and I hoped I would marry him one day. Well, my wish came true, and we were blessed with this wonderful family. The blessings just keep coming, sometimes one by one and sometimes two by two. Thank you Lord!