Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Your Sleep Number?

We can't remember exactly how long we had our previous mattress, but I'm embarrassed to say it had probably been about 12 years. We had literally worn two large his and hers "troughs" in it, so we knew it needed to be replaced. In addition, it had become an increasing challenge, and more painful, for Ernie to turn over in bed without the resistance of a more firm mattress. His sleep patterns were horrible and he just never could seem to get a good night's sleep after the damage to his sacrum, and being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. If a new mattress would help, I was all for it!

Having friends who highly recommended them, we decided to look at Sleep Number mattresses and I'm so glad we did! My sleep number is 30 and EZ's is 70! That should tell you why we've had such a time over the years deciding on a mattress that made us both happy. Being the sweet husband that he is, he would always give in to a my desire for a softer mattress, always wishing he could put a board under his side. Now, we can both have what we want in the same bed with the simple push of a button! (I really don't mean to sound like a commercial for Sleep Number!).

They advertise the following based on studies at Stanford and Duke Universities:
1. A better quality of sleep.
2. More deep, restorative sleep with fewer sleep disturbances.
3. Improved energy and well-being
4. Back-pain relief.
5. 20 years durability.

We decided to get the Split King Mattresses and FlexFit Adjustable Base so that each of us could raise the head, mid-section or foot of the bed independently, if needed. Ernie can adjust his side and toss and turn half the night and I barely realize's wonderful! His needs change depending on where his pain is, and the sleep number allows for flexibility. Too soon to tell about #5, but the other areas have definintely improved as compared to our old mattress.

EZ will tell you that with Multiple Myeloma, sleep is often illusive no matter what bed you're on, but overall we have been very happy with our new Sleep Number bed. Anyone else out there with a Sleep Number bed? What's your Sleep Number? Hope you sleep well and have a great weekend!


  1. WE have a Sleeep Number bed. Ours is going on 12 years old now so it was one of the earlier versions. I loved it when I first got it; but after we moved, it just hasn't stayed pumped up the same. Perhaps it's time for a new model when we make the big move north.

  2. What an interesting topic. About a year before Glen's diagnosis we paid high dollars for one of the leading ??? memory foam mattresses with NO money back guarantee. We didn't mind as we just knew this was going to be thee perfect fit for each of us. WRONG! So here we are with a mattress we don't care for. When Glen went through SCT in April it required us being away from home for about 3 weeks. We chose to stay at the Huntsman Cancer Apartments in Salt Lake City. SLEEP NUMBER BEDS IN EVERY APARTMENT. We slept wonderfully. Glen's # was in the 60's while mine was in the 30's. Decisions. Hmmm. Should we or shouldn't we? While we haven't investigated particular models I have wondered if there was a model such as the one you chose. Thanks for sharing. May you have many restful nights. Vannette

  3. Now that's a bed! Yes sleeping through the night is always a plus for me - even though I do it a lot now I still don't take it for granted. Sweet dreams. :D

  4. Hi Linda!

    My name is Catherine and I work for Sleep Number. Congratulations on your new bed! Your story is incredibly heartfelt and moving. It sounds like the dual adjustability of the Sleep Number bed is just what you and Big EZ needed. If you get a minute, allow me direct you to our Facebook page to share your own experiences with life and the Sleep Number bed. If you ever run into any questions about your bed or attaining your perfect comfort level, we would be happy to hear from you!

    Sleep Well!


  5. we have often tossed around the idea of the sleep number or the temurpedic but just couldn't spend the money til we knew which one was right for us. can we come have a sleepover soon? sleep tight.

  6. My sleep number is 30 and EZ's is 70! That should tell you why we've had such a time over the years deciding on a mattress that made us both ...

  7. How to clean this kind of mattress if it has a device inside of it? That's why I'm not using this king of mattress I go for organic like memory foam mattress and toppers .