Friday, January 13, 2012

EZ Goes From Patient to Caregiver

On Sunday, January 8th, EZ's Mom, Erna, had a fall. She was in her stocking feet, changing clothes after church, and attempted to step up on a piano bench to reach a shelf in her closet. Needless to say, she slipped and toppled over along with the bench. She got a nasty bruise on her right temple, and was very sore in the area of her right hip, with pain in her right leg when she bore weight or laid on her right side. A real concern for someone who is 87 years old. After an all night visit to the ER, a CT scan, X-rays, and an MRI revealed a fractured pelvis, but the bones were not displaced and would knit back together over time. Miraculously, she was able to return home early Monday morning with prescriptions to help manage pain, and instructions to take it easy.

We happened to be in Boone (after our visit there with Leah and Emery), so we were less than two hours away from the Bakers' home when the accident occurred. After a sleepless night, a quick check of the calendar, a call to reschedule an appointment, and a couple of prescription refills for key medications EZ takes, we were on our way to Black Mountain to drop him off.  In order to transport a lift chair/recliner that either he or his mom could have available to use, I had to leave my Mom and our dogs back at the cabin and return to Boone later that afternoon. We thought it best not to head home, but to stay in Boone in order to be closer to Black Mountain. Just part of being in the "sandwich generation" I suppose...enjoying our daughter and granddaughter in the morning, and worrying about our parents in the evening.

EZ loves his mom, and it doesn't surprise me that, along with a neighbor and friend Lisa, he has been taking excellent care of her, helping her make great strides in just four days. She has mastered the walker, the bump on her forehead is healing, she is eating and sleeping well, and best of all she is only in a little bit of pain when she bears too much weight on her right leg or twists getting in and out of bed. We praise the Lord her injuries weren't worse, perhaps requiring surgery or a lengthy hospital or rehab stay. Just look at her smile as she walks laps in the house...precious! Please keep her in your prayers for a complete recovery.

A loving son with a caring heart, a selfless attitude, a willingness to go and be a caregiver in spite of issues he suffers himself...that is EZ. I miss him here in Boone, but know he wouldn't want to be anywhere else if he could help his mom. Just more reasons why I love him so much. Mom and I plan to load everything up and head over to get him on Sunday, if Erna continues to do so well. I am betting he will sleep ALOT when he gets home! I can't wait to pamper him a bit.


  1. Erna will continue to be in my prayers as she recovers from this accident. Your parents are certainly blessed to have you as their son, Ernie, and I am blessed to have you as my son-in-law.

  2. Wow... My first thought is to say "If you need something give me a call", However; I'm 2000 miles away !! So I will just add this to my prayers and let the Lord do his thing!

  3. Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers. Mom continues to improve each day and is making remarkable progress in getting up and around. She is a model patient, always cheerful and never complaining. Praise the Lord that her fall did not cause more serious concerns such as a broken hip or concussion.

  4. Dad, I'm so thankful that you were so close and could get there to help Grammy. I know that you have taken care of her every need and been a great caregiver. That's probably why she is doing so well now! We have prayed for her everyday and will continue to!

    Love you!

  5. that is wonderful that he can be there for her. Still praying for a quick recovery.