Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Nice Walk With the Family

We love to take walks with the dogs and the family, so we made sure to include this as much as we could while EZ's parents were here visiting for Christmas. Unfortunately we had to deal with a few days of rain, but on this particular day it was beautiful. The dogs almost outnumber the people!

EZ's mom was so happy to be arm in arm with both of her boys! Marvin (EZ's younger brother) and his family live just down the road from us!

Hey everybody, wait for Mickey and me!

Happy walking and Happy New Year!


  1. Love family walks!! I have to ask - what in the world is Nick's tshirt?? :)

  2. These walks were so fun! Thanks for letting my crew tag along! Love the Mickey pictures and the one of Dad and I!

    PS. Nicole, Nick picked up that shirt on one of his travels. It has a big face on it :)

  3. Family, children, dogs, does it get any better? Keep up the tradition and many happy, healthy miles ahead.