Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Changes in 2012!

So much has happened in our lives since our daughters began this blog in 2010 to chronicle Ernie's journey with blood cancer. We thank both of them so much for working together to design "Walking With Big EZ" and for teaching us how to use it as a vehicle to not only communicate our "goings on" to family and friends, but to connect with others who are battling Multiple Myeloma.

The above photo, taken on July 10, 2010, remains very special to our family, but our newest granddaughter Emery isn't pictured, the other grandchildren have really grown, and EZ no longer needs to use a walker. Obviously it was time to change our header and attempt another family picture over the Christmas holidays. 

Many thanks to a wonderful family friend, John Carter, who came over on December 22nd and 23rd, when we realized we only had a two day window of opportunity where all of us would be together.( John runs a successful DJ, Videography, and Photography business in Raleigh called A Perfect Day DJ). It was a very overcast afternoon, with rain off and on, but we persevered and are so thankful John got some great shots. As you can see by this first picture, it's not easy to get five little ones to smile, look at the camera and walk where we want them to walk. Samuel obviously had other plans!

At 88 and 87 years old, we were so thankful to have EZ's parents come over for Christmas. Just love this hat on Mr. Baker!

My mother moved in with us about a year and a half ago and is a huge part of our family on a daily basis. At 81, we are so thankful for her wisdom and presence in our lives.

EZ's brother Marvin came over to pick up the folks just in time for John to capture a shot of the two of them.

Many thanks not only to John for the pictures, but to our daughter Leah, a graphic designer who spent hours making changes to the blog this past weekend. We are so happy with the way it looks! The information on the tabs is still a work in progress, but you can learn more about us and see additional pictures under "Our Family". We appreciate those of you who comment, send emails, pray for us, and take the time to follow our story as we continue in the battle against Multiple Myeloma. God has truly sustained us and blessed us, and we believe the future looks bright! Out with the old and in with the new...Happy New Year!


  1. Those pictures are fantastic! The blog looks great!

  2. LOVE the new pictures! So glad you were able to capture those precious memories together. The new and improved blog looks fantastic!

  3. Your blog looks wonderful!! Thank you so much for continuing to share the journey with us. I know it helps me on my journey.

  4. I love the new look, I love this particular post, and I LOVE the pic of all on the porch. Such a precious and powerful legacy. We so love and admire your entire family and are proud to call you long time and dear friends. I agree with your comment "out with old and in with the new" Looking forward to good health for all in 2012.

  5. Linda,
    the new blog look is just beautiful!
    Oh my, that family picture is STUNNING!
    And all of the other family pictures, too! I have no living grandparents, and haven't in years, so to see all of the generations and rich lives that you all get to spend together is just priceless! Love it! What blessings from the Father.

    **PTL for no more walker!!!!

  6. it looks great. such great family photos too.

  7. Love the new format. You did a great job, Linda and Leah!

  8. Love all the new photos! AND following your blog. :)

  9. Love it! Thank you so much, Leah, for redesigning the blog and to Mr. Carter for taking the pictures! Love the "new"!!

  10. WOW WOW WOW.. those photos are keepers.. framers...lifetime savers...I LOVE them, just plain gorgeous. What a beautiful way to capture your gorgeous family at this time.

    John did a fabulous job!