Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fellowship, Food, Fun and Family!

Just wanted to flashback to a fun night we had over at EZ's brother's house during the holidays. Twenty four of us gathered for dinner at Marvin and Laurie's and we all had a blast catching up. Decided to make a few collages that would help share more of our Christmas memories. (Click to make them bigger).

Lots of talking and posing for pics...

Time to eat some delicious ziti...

Don't forget the games...

Alas, the family pic...all 24 who were there!

Many thanks to the Marvin Baker bunch for hosting us and for the delicious meal!


  1. Thanks for having us over, Marvin and Laurie.
    the food was great and I had a wonderful time.

  2. Can't believe how big our family is, fun night for sure!

  3. Love your new landing page picture... Great looking family there...

  4. WOW!. Love the new look. You are all such a beautiful family. I am lucky to be able to watch all of you from afar. Thank you for sharing your lives.