Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Dr. Alan Kritz

Alan D. Kritz, MD
One year ago today, on January 20, 2010, we made our first trip to the Cancer Center of North Carolina to meet Dr. Kritz for the first time. Ernie had been diagnosed with a plasmacytoma (a myeloma tumor) on his sacrum following a needle biopsy, and we now needed an oncologist to determine whether or not the cancer was in more than one place (hence, "multiple myeloma"). As God would have it, not knowing if we would even need it, we had been given Dr. Kritz's name by a dear friend and lymphoma survivor (Cindy Coats) who had a transplant 11 years ago under his watchful eye.

We are so thankful EZ is under the care of such a brilliant hematology oncologist. Dr. Kritz got the call (from our orthopedic doctor) about Ernie on the afternoon of the 19th, and fit us in the next day, spending close to 2 1/2 hours with us. We liked him immediately. He jumped right on things...explaining the possibilities, doing an examination, taking a thorough history, completing bloodwork, beginning a 24 hour urinalysis and doing a bone marrow biopsy. Thus, EZ's journey with myeloma began and this was the first of MANY consequent trips to the Cancer Center, where Ernie would have his radiation and infusion treatments. It is easy to see why Dr. Kritz has been selected to be included in Best Doctors in America 2011-2012! 

We feel like we got to know Dr. Kritz really well as he checked on Ernie almost every day for the month he was bedridden at Rex Hospital. He was concerned and caring in every way. We trust him, admire him and believe he has made the right decisions concerning EZ's course of treatment. We will continue to see him once a month as he monitors Ernie on maintenance therapy and monthly bone strengthener infusions. It's been quite a year, yet we are very thankful Dr. Kritz has been calling the shots, and that the cancer is now in remission!


  1. Thank the Lord for Dr. Krtiz! He seems like a great doctor!

  2. Yes, praise the Lord that He has used Dr. Kritz in such a powerful way in Dad's life. So thankful for such a good doctor!

  3. Well you two don't do things by half 'Best Doctors in America'! ;D