Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Showering Leah and Baby Emery with Love

Saturday January 15th we gathered friends, old and new, to shower Leah with love in anticipation of baby Emery's arrival in March. Tara, Sara and I planned and hosted the event, and it was truly a joy to work not only with my daughter Tara, who is the organizational pro, but one of Leah's best friends, Sara, whose creative gifts included designing invitations, envelopes, thank yous and our trivia quiz, making tiny cherry blossom tissue flowers and treees, and taking extraordinary photos!

The food wasn't the only thing that was sweet that day...getting together with so many ladies who have shared different seasons of Leah's life was like sugar for the soul!

It was such a blessing to have a sunny day...such a contrast to the weather we have been experiencing here in NC. We were so very thankful to the many women who came, and for the beautiful gifts they gave. We look forward to having a fifth grandchild to love and enjoy this spring and praise the Lord for this precious little life growing inside Leah. Can't wait to meet her around the 10th of March!!

Three generations...official clean up crew so happy after a wonderful shower!


  1. it was so much fun to plan with you... and so easy!! thanks for preparing all the delicious food and for opening your beautiful home for everyone. so excited for you to meet your 5th grandchild! :)

  2. Thank you again so much for everything, it was perfect!!

  3. I'll host with you anytime, Mom! What a fun shower it was!!!

  4. what a lovely (large) group of women. everything looked so beautiful and yummy. i enjoyed seeing all the pictures and how you captured so many details.