Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day Memories

Linda and I hope that you had a joyful Christmas! Our day was actually very relaxing and unhurried, spent surrounded by family, enjoying the fellowship of four generations. Our whole immediate family was here as Leah and Kyle drove up from Georgia, Nick hadn't left for Peru yet, Grandma Stout now lives with us, and Grammy and Pop-Pop (my folks) were driven over from Black Mountain in the snow, just in time for Christmas dinner!  My sciatic leg pain was limiting my movement, so Tara, Jamie, the two sets of twins (Team 1 almost 4 years and Team 2 already 10 months) and the rest of the family all rendezvoused  at our home to celebrate. Nathan and Natalie helped distribute the gifts (along with Uncle Nick), and just loved being Santa's little helpers. As night began to fall, the snow started coming down and we had the white Christmas we always dream about! Here are some pictures from the day we spent together, counting our blessings and celebrating Jesus's Birthday!

Monkey Bread...of course!

Apple Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Mom Stout and Linda....chief cooks!

Samuel and Samantha with gifts from their stockings

The Dews

The three youngest pass out the gifts

Deep in thought watching a new Christmas movie

Are those sleepy eyes I see?

Natalie's Princess bike

Nathan's Lightning McQueen bike

Reading by the fire in their Lightning McQueen and Princess chairs

Milo is exhausted from all the excitement

Samantha looking wide-eyed

Kyle and Leah joined us in the afternoon

Nick finally checked his stocking at about 5:00!

Grandpa loves his new gift from the Grandkids

Grammy and PopPop got here in time for dinner

Whew...busy day!


  1. It was a wonderful Christmas!!! Love you (and love that shirt too!)

  2. I'm a bit behind with your blog because I wanted to go back and read the 59 reasons everybody loves Ernie properly and knew if I carried on I wouldn't.

    What a great family day - they are all great pics but I'm particular taken with the Nats in front of the fire reading like little adults in front of a camp fire. :D

  3. Oh and sciatic leg pain - blah - mine came from the collapsed vertebra L3 pressing on the nerve - I had one big dose of radiation for pain management and then as this and the bonefos hardened the bone it went. I very, very occasionally get a a bit of a pulling sensation down the side of my thigh if I've been slouchy but it's not pain. :D