Friday, December 31, 2010

Guess who's birthday it is today?!?

...BIG EZ turns 59!!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Dad!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

So, on this special day, your 59th birthday, here are 59 things that your family loves about you:
  1. From Ginny: Dad and I have always said that you are the smartest person we know.
  2. Linda spotted you on the racquetball court, and then learned your name. Then I learned your name, and then it was love. PTL!
  3. Whenever I need my computer fixed, I know who to call: ERNIE!
  4. I love that you are my walking partner.
  5. I love that you do everything with a smile!
  6. I love that you are always willing to help me, do whatever, no matter what you are doing.
  7. From Linda: I love how you have always put up with my cats, beginning with the one I adopted on our honeymoon!
  8. I love you for your courage, strength, faith, and hope in the most difficult of times. You are my hero!
  9. I love how you always express your love to your family through hugs, emails, sticky notes, or just words.
  10. I love how smart you are and how you can fix just about anything!
  11. I love that we have gotten to travel to so many neat places together.
  12. I love that we have spent 35 years together….35 great ones!
  13. From Jamie: I love that I have a Father in you.
  14. I love that you have taken me as your own.
  15. I love your humor and your jokes.
  16. I love your faith and your heart of service.
  17. I love that you are the same in good and bad.
  18. I love that my kids have such a wonderful grandfather.
  19. I love the example you are to others by always giving encouragement.
  20. From Tara: I love the example you set for faith and godliness in all circumstances.
  21. I love that you are strong. I remember you holding me above your head in the pool on only one hand!
  22. I love that you are a confident dresser, and that you are such a good sport about “Big Teal!” And it makes my heart so happy that now you are often found wearing shirts about being a Grandpa!
  23. I love how talented you are with tools~ My front porch gate and kids’ swingset is testimony to that!
  24. I love that you are a good dancer! Thanks for being my date at the Father/Daughter Dance at MC and for all the slow dances in the kitchen growing up!
  25. Thanks for always having such a great sense of humor. You could always make me laugh, even in the early morning rides to school!
  26. Thank you for teaching me to be generous to others. I learned from you to tip well, give to others, and share what God has given us!
  27. I love that you are so logical and smart. There has never been a problem I posed to you that you couldn’t figure out!
  28. From Leah: I love all the advice that you have given me for work and how I should handle situations. I always come out on top because of you!
  29. I love that you love my husband just like he’s one of your own kids. It means so much to both of us!
  30. I love that you know me so well and have started the wooden G collection~ It’s our thing!
  31. I love that you let me name you Honey Bear in Indian Princesses! Your Running Fawn will always love you!
  32. I love that you mess up words, like Tim the Tool Time Hammer, Cabo St. Lucia, and the best one: Junion Chicken Chaiken.
  33. I love when you get flustered with yourself when everyone else is laughing and then you give in and laugh really hard with us (just think about the glass elevator in Cabo!) I love how you can make anyone in the room laugh, no matter the situation! And when you laugh hard, it is impossible not to laugh with you!
  34. I love that we both love the mountains, especially Boone.
  35. I’ve always known how much you love me. Like when you tried my salty mashed potatoes or when you’d watch all the dance recitals I put on for you in the living room. Or when you built that 3 story tree house with the trap door! Thanks for showing me your love through your actions.
  36. I love how you’ve been a consistent godly father to us our entire lives. You are such a role model.
  37. From Kyle: Remember the time when you came to visit us in GA and we put you to work for 16 hours a day? Oh wait, that was every time you came to visit us! Thanks so much for all your help with all our projects. You have taught me so much over the years.
  38. I love the way you can make any situation seem simple and easy to handle…even this one that you have endured the past year!
  39. I love taking walks with you and the dogs!
  40. Remember the first time we played racquetball? I was drenched in sweat and you didn’t even break out a sweat! I want a rematch!!!
  41. I love how handy you are: You are Tim the Tool Time Hammer!
  42. From Nick: I love your sense of humor and how it has completely shaped my outlook on life.
  43. I love the way you are slowly becoming Pop-Pop and I’m slowly becoming you! Baker Men are A+
  44. I love that you used to beat me mercilessly in b-ball then taped me to the pole when I finally won!
  45. I love always having a partner to eat my drummies!
  46. I love that you are so smart, and we can debate/work through problems together.
  47. I love how you always let me order as much food as I wanted when I was little.
  48. I love watching movies with you!
  49. From Nathan and Natalie (and Samuel and Samantha): We love it when you tickle us.
  50. We love it when we cuddle and watch movies.
  51. We love it when you read to us.
  52. We love to play the fun games on your phone.
  53. We love it when you make up your own games, like hiding the beep beeps or matching the cards.
  54. We love to go on walks with you.
  55. We love it when you hold us up in the air!
  56. We love to play on the swingset that you built for us!
  57. From Abby and Milo: We love it when you let us get up in your chair and you scratch behind our ears.
  58. We love it when you take us on walks…whether around the driveway or to the park!
  59. We love just being around you… especially cuddling.

  From the oldest to the youngest...
We all love you so much!!! 
Happy 59th birthday!!!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is fantastic!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a very special man whom I admire so much! Happy birthday Ernie and may 2011 be your best year EVER!

  3. Have a Wonderful Birthday! :D xx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful day! I'm sure those comments are just the highlight of your day!
    Happy Birthday!
    Davin and Alisia

  5. happy birthday mr. b!!! what a strong and loving man of the family you are.

  6. Love these sweet comments about Leah's Honey Bear. :) Happy Birthday Mr. B!