Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wake Forest White Christmas

Late Christmas day it started snowing. The weathermen projected 2-5 inches (which means we would either get just a dusting or that we would get "more than we expected"). About 4am the following morning our power went out and by sunrise we had a winter wonderland.

Nick jokingly came out of his room and said, "We have no TV, VCR, Blue Ray, internet, computer or phone. What am I supposed to do? Read?". We do have a gas range, so soon Linda was busy with hot chocolate and a warm breakfast. Afterward Nick and I headed out to cut some firewood.  (I love living in a rural setting with trees all around us).

There is nothing better than being out in the snowy woods with my son and a chainsaw.  Soon we had a warm fire in the fireplace.

Tara, Jamie, the Nats and Sams came over, (along with Leah and Kyle) as their power was out too and we had a fun time drinking hot chocolate with the grandkids.

Time for hot chocolate and pop tarts!
No White Christmas is complete without Frosty!

Nick, Kyle and I hooked up the generator so that we kept the refrigerator, freezer and  well pump operational and by 3 in the afternoon power was restored. A wonderful White Christmas in Wake Forest!


  1. what a fun snow day all together. Glad you all got your power back!!

  2. i like those wood pics pa!

    good update brOOoooOOOoo

  3. wow, such a beautiful snow! i love the pics of you and nick out in the woods cutting firewood. glad you got the power back on. merry christmas bakers :)