Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Thanksgiving in Boone!

Crisp, cool mountain air, a log cabin with a warm fireplace, the smell of turkey and Gigi's sausage dressing in the oven, and family....well, it must be Thanksgiving in Boone! Though it is becoming a bit more difficult to gather everyone in one place at the same time, we all managed to converge for a few wonderful days to count our blessings and celebrate answered prayer. Of course our morning had to begin with warm Monkey Bread...a Baker family tradition!

The weather was gorgeous and we took the dogs and  kiddos to the park to get in some pre-meal exercise and fresh air. Ernie and I just loved our whole family being together and enjoying one another.


Following our time outdoors, we headed back to the cabin for a feast that was delicious from beginning to end! One of the most special memories this year will be of a time when each of us went around the table, from youngest to oldest, and said something we were thankful for. Of course the tears freely flowed as so many of us expressed what it meant to have a new set of twins, a baby on the way, and Ernie doing so well following many months of treatment and difficult times. We serve a mighty God!

The evening ended with a warm campfire perfect for roasting marshmallows, and a traditional Scrabble game enjoyed by the girls.

...the laughter, smiles, prayers, tears of many precious memories to be thankful for. We hope you too had a most wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. We had such a great Thanksgiving spent up in Boone with everyone. Love you guys!

  2. A great recap of our time together, Mom! Truly so much to be thankful for! And we too loved the time we all spent together!

  3. It sure looks like you guys had a great thanksgiving!! How Special to have all of your family in one place!

  4. Great to see all these pictures of your family together, and all the yummy food!! We also have monkey bread as a family tradition!! We didn't have ours 'til Sat. though. Neat to see after all these years and miles between us we do similar things and that our grandkids will now carry on!!!

  5. Yeah lovely family pics but most importantly - what's monkey bread? It doesn't look like either bread or a monkey! It does however look very interesting! :D