Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Nats - Spending the Night with Grandma, Grandpa and Gigi

Their bags were packed full of jammies, lovies, toothbrushes, shoes and clothes for the big sleepover. Mommy and Daddy were going out to celebrate their 10th anniversary and we thought they might be able to sleep in a bit if the early risers were over at our house!

First order of the evening was to make homemade pizza. Nathan and Natalie love to be helpers so they got very serious about the task at hand, first spreading the dough and then the sauce. I was involved with the cheese part, so no picture of that ingredient. I also made a separate one for the adults.

While the pizza was baking, we moved on to a few other activities. First was coloring with magic markers. You might note a big difference in the two pictures. See if you can guess which one is Natalie's and which one is Nathan's. He was definately ready to move on to fishing!

Finally it was time to fish for princess gems. This was great fun once we all got the hang of it (or cheated a bit!).

The pizza was finally ready, we all sat down to eat, and Nathan got the award for having a "happy plate"!

Dessert was ice cream served in special pink and brown cones. Amazing what the little things, like colored cones, mean to children!

After brushing teeth and getting our jammies on, we got settled in bed and put the movie in...they were immediately enthralled:

It was a busy night, but we sure had fun! In the morning we ate scrambled eggs, bananas, and yes, Christmas tree cakes (that's what Grandmas are for right?). We finished a puzzle of the Poky Little Puppy together before they had to head out. Best of all, the Sams allowed Jamie and Tara to sleep in till 8:30...a real treat!


  1. Yes, it was a treat for them...and for us! Thank you so much for having them over to spend the night and packing it full of so many fun things! They are still talking about all the fun they had! Are you ready to have them back again?!? Love you guys!!!

  2. what a fun time and what special memories that were made! :0)

  3. It was a fun time for me as well.

  4. I just loooove that look of concentration on their faces whilst doing the pizza. I passed my driving test last March and have a similar look on my face sometimes and still ocassionally do the super concentration thing of sticking my tongue out a bit and biting it! Don't tell anyone - well don't tell B he'd never let me get in the car again!