Sunday, December 19, 2010

Myeloma Buddies

When Ernie was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma almost one year ago, we sought others who were battling this often baffling disease. Men and women from all over the country, and yes the world, blog about their experience with myeloma. One such blogger is Paula, from the UK, also known as Feresaknit's. She is in complete remission (praise the Lord!) and has an amazing amount of creativity and talent when it comes to handwork. She has used her knitting talents to create Myeloma Buddies, which she sells on Etsy, with all proceeds going to Myeloma UK and the International Myeloma Foundation. Check out her shop  for other amazing creations!

I recently ordered three custom buddies to put under the tree for Samuel, Samantha and Emery (close your eyes Tara and Leah) and I just love them! They are simple, yet adorable, and easy for a child to handle. Oh to be so talented! Many thanks to Paula for her help in doing what she can to fund research and find a cure.


  1. I'm so glad you're pleased with them Linda. :D

  2. I have two of Paula's Myeloma Buddies that I won in the competition that she ran. They hold pride of place on shelf next to me in the living room.

    Like Paula the buddies are wonderful.

  3. Kind of hard to type this comment since technically "my eyes are closed", but I love those! Too cute!