Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Jamie's Seafood Extravaganza!

Today we are thankful for a son-in-law who likes to cook! Jamie planned and prepared an amazing seafood extravaganza last Friday night and it was delicious. He came over, pots and ingredients in hand ready to get started, and our mouths were watering to taste what he was preparing. Out came fresh cloves of garlic, lobster tails, shrimp, fresh parsley, linguine, butter, and grated parmesan as he got busy chopping, boiling, peeling and preparing. Pear salads were made and coconut shrimp was baked in the oven, along with scrumptious garlic cheese bread. I was in heaven having someone else do the cooking (while I helped entertain grandkids) and then being able to sit down and enjoy his culinary delights! Unfortunately I didn't get step by step pictures of our chef in action, but hopefully you will get the idea of how yummy it was. Thank you Jamie and Tara for sharing this special meal with us!

Shrimp and lobster linguine

Pear salads with glazed pecans, red onions, cheese and craisins

Fresh garlic cheese bread

Coconut shrimp

No seafood for this little munchkin

Samantha settles for a handful of baby puffs

After filling our bellies with seafood we settled in as a family to watch "Up!" with the grandkids. It was a really cute movie and made for a nice finish to a fun Friday night!

The chef takes a seat for the movie along with Abby and Nathan

Grandpa and Natalie cuddle up


  1. what a treat for you to have a chef in the family. i have an awesome idea, send the dews' down to me, jamie can stock the freezer and tara can teach me organizational skills. i can be temporary grand-ma. would you be willing to share?

  2. Mrs. Poirier, you are so funny! Maybe we can arrange a deal...but only if you can teach me once again how to fold fitted sheets?!? And maybe some sewing too!

    Yes, it was a really fun night! I am blessed to be married to someone who loves to be in the kitchen...and is really good at it too!

    I loved the shrimp linguine and the fellowship was really fun! So glad we got to enjoy a movie night together too!!!!

  3. That looks delicious, way to go JD!

  4. Yep, I can testify that is was simply delicious! Even though I was on weight watchers, I just had to have second helpings, it was so good. Then, of course, there were left-overs, so I indulged again! Needless to say, I didn't weight in this week. It was worth it though-It was soooo good, Jamie! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Gigi loves your linguini.

  5. Yum that looks absolutely delicious!! What a fun night, I think Jamie needs to share the recipes!


  7. Isn't that movie Up so good - I loved Doug - the main talking dog - but I don't think it would be as much fun if dogs could really talk - just my two penneth worth. :D