Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Decision: No Pain or Tradition?

Have you ever had one of those decisions, where in the end the choice was really not hard? This last weekend we traveled to Black Mountain to visit my folks. Thirty some years ago my folks purchased a large track of wooded mountain acreage and built a home there. Over the years my dad put in access roads to most of the property. We all grew up driving his old 4-wheeler all over the mountain. In 2009, to replace that older worn out ATV, I bought a new 4-wheeler for Pop-Pop off the Raleigh Craig's List. During the few days we had before bringing it to Black Mountain, the Nats, then two and a half, enjoyed nightly rides with Daddy and Grandpa:

Natalie, Grandpa, Nathan and Jamie enjoying the 4 wheeler - August/2009

Nick and I then delivered the new 4-wheeler over to Grammy and Pop-Pop:

Grammy and Pop-Pop August 2009
We have always loved riding the 4wheeler on the access roads. I remember taking Tara (Nathan and Natalie's mom) on 4-wheeler rides 25 years ago. However, this time I knew that it would be quite uncomfortable for me. On the other hand, how could I not share the tradition with Natalie and Nathan?  Decisions....Decisions....In the end we had a great time.

Day 1, lots of rides including a long trip to the top of the mountain
Day 2, More rides and a trip Black Raspberry Pickin'
I am blessed to be able to enjoy times like these with my grand kids. Although it was very uncomfortable for me to sit on the 4wheeler (even after I took extra pain pills), I enjoyed every minute and absolutely made the right decision.


  1. Thanks for bearing with the pain to pass on this tradition with my kids. I LOVED seeing them out on the four-wheeler with you. It made me so happy! I love you!

  2. There are times when you just do what you "gotta" do, pain or no pain. I can totally relate. Love you Ernie!
    Mom Stout

  3. I think that as long as you don't do yourself a permanent mischief then the pain is worth it to be able to look back on these memories in the future. :D