Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Four Wheelin' and More...The Mountain - Part 2

I knew EZ was anxious to try sitting on the 4-wheeler, but I of course worried that he would hurt his progress by putting pressure on his damaged sacrum. Much to my surprise he was able to ride, with all four grandchildren and a little help from an extra pain pill...and he loved every minute of it! We all know he's a big kid at heart.


These are the berries Nathan and Natalie picked with very specific instructions from them...they were to be used on ice cream for our dessert, which we gladly did!

Next the Nats were off to the garden to pick whatever was ripe. They found beans and tomatoes to bring in!

Tara took Nathan and Natalie for a long walk to see all the interesting things God created in the forest. They found a wild mushroom and enjoyed walking on the trails, big logs and rocks.

These blocks are over 50 years old, made by Pop-Pop for Ernie and his siblings when they were young. How special to see another generation at play with these simple wooden blocks, using their imagination and creativity to build "masterpieces"!

Tara's blog post, entitled "A Mountain of Memories", perfectly summarizes our time together on the mountain. Head there to read all about her childhood memories, complete with lots more pictures!


  1. What a great blog and a fantastic family! Thank you for visiting my blog. MM is a crazy cancer and is always a challenge. I joined your blog as a friend and will check back a lot. I will add Big EZ to my thoughts and prayers, and of course, Linda, you also. Wives & caregivers are always a blessing from God!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. So glad that Dad was able to ride the kids on the 4-wheeler! That's a tradition that continues for sure! Love you!

  3. The simple things in life can sometimes be the best. Mother Nature and God provide a world of joy for all of us. Great post!

  4. Such a wonderful time together. I am glad that Mr. B could 4-wheel with the kids.

  5. What an awesome time for more memories. I love the time you share with us about all the things you are seeing anew thru the eyes of the Nats. The building blocks that EZ played with as a child, that his father made...my favorite!

  6. That shot of the Nats hand in hand on the path is so Hansel and Gretel and the pic of you reaching out to Samantha on the quad bike - her expression is like 'you're cheeky!' :D