Monday, July 25, 2011

Introducing the Grands to "The Mountain" - Part 1

EZ's folks live on 300+ beautiful mountainous acres outside Black Mountain, NC, where he spent many a summer and winter day as a young boy. From the time our children were babies, we would make the trek from Florida to North Carolina to spend part of the Christmas holidays on "The Mountain". It was now time to introduce the two sets of twin grandchildren to the place where so many memories were made for their Mommy, and Ernie couldn't wait! We loaded up two cars and headed west with Tara and her four little ones last week to spend an action packed four days. (Unfortunately their daddy, Jamie, couldn't join us on this trip as he had pastoral responsibilities back home.) This first picture was taken using the timer...very creative crooked shot, but we're all in it!

What a precious time the kiddos had just being kids and getting to know their great grandparents and the place they call home. From eating Grammy's homemade sourdough bread and chocolate chip cookies, to exploring the great outdoors on bikes and the four wheeler, they had a ball! It will take a few days and lots of pictures to capture it all, but I hope you enjoy seeing life on "The Mountain" through the eyes of a child.

The night we arrived, Grammy had her famous homemade sourdough bread baking in the oven. Our favorite way to enjoy it is warm, with butter and brown sugar. I think it quickly became a hit with the kids!

The next morning began with powdered donuts, blueberry pancakes and bike rides on the covered porch and front yard. Nathan and Natalie loved it, while Charlie, the resident dog, kept a watchful eye.

It was a bit rainy off and on, so we headed inside to make cookies with Grammy.

Then it was back outside to explore the woods and outbuildings where the four wheeler was discovered. Nathan's expression was priceless!


A black bear had paid us a visit in the night to eat a few plums from a tree out back. I grabbed the camera so Ernie could snap a picture, but in the darkness, it only shows Charlie alerting us to the danger.

We inspected the tree in daylight and managed to use EZ's cane to reach a few plums for the Nats to bring inside for ripening.

Samantha was our little moviestar loving Nathan's sunglasses!

Samuel is always happy when he has cars in his hands!

Ernie loved every minute of seeing his grandchildren spend time on the mountain with his folks. Stay tuned for a very busy day two exploring the woods, on the four wheeler, in the garden and so much more!


  1. It was such a fun weekend up there! Thank you for allowing us to go with you and for all your help! Love you!

  2. Sorry I couldn't make the trip with you. What a fun time!

  3. It looks fantastic and I am particularly taken with Nathan on the four wheeler looking like all his Christmases have come at once - he looks like his head might explode from sheer excitement. ;D