Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Blueberries!

July is National Blueberry Month. It is no secret that blueberries are good for you, and isn't it wonderful that they also taste great? These little purple/blue gems are low in calories, packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, dynamos of dietary fiber, and said to be brain food, improving memory! Our next door neighbors grow blueberries on these gorgeous bushes, and they very generously extended an invitation for us to pick some. I was there the next morning, and it didn't take long for me to fill my container!

This is one of my favorite breakfasts during the summer. Take some good Greek Yogurt then add your strawberries, blueberries and Kashi Crunch or granola.

EZ prefers to keep it simple...Whole Grain Cheerios and blueberries with milk.

A wonderful way to start the day...blueberry pancakes!

However, one of the most delicious ways to enjoy blueberries is in muffins. Just look at that blueberry
 goodness oozing out!

This recipe is from none other than...the Pioneer Woman. You really must try it sometime. Pour yourself a nice cold glass of milk and enjoy!

Here are two of my favorite ways to enjoy blueberries, lest you think I only eat sweets!

Of course you can always make Trifle Berry Cake if your sweet tooth is calling!

So today, I am thankful for blueberries and the Albrights who share them with us! Next recipe I plan to try...Blueberry Cobbler Pioneer Woman style! What is your favorite blueberry recipe?

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  1. Yummy! Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits of all time!