Friday, July 15, 2011

Gotta Love Those Throw Pillows!

Don't know what it is about women, but we just love pillows. Count the number of pillows on a woman's bed, even when shared with a husband, and you will usually find it is ALOT! Generally only two are for actually sleeping, and the others...well, decorations to make the bed look prettier!

Recently we were surprised when four new throw pillows were dropped off at our house, sewn by none other than the very talented LoriAnne Melton! There is no mistaking which ones were for me, and which ones were for EZ:

I just love the 3 dimensional flower and the fact that this is the same green silk fabric used for the curtains Allison made and hung in our bedroom. Just beautiful and so feminine!

Ernie likes the soft brown suede-like fabric of his pillows and the very masculine cord trim. Many, many thanks to LoriAnne for such a sweet surprise gift! The more pillows the merrier...unless you're in a hurry to climb into bed (there are 13 pillows on our bed in this picture)! How many pillows are on your bed? Come on honest!

The chocolate neck roll pillow pictured above was made by Allison and it is most definitely EZ's favorite...he uses it every single day! 

Coming more hospital bed! Instead, we have this nice bench, with two beautiful pillows, as part of a sitting area. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Absolutely beautiful pillows!!! We have some very talented people in our church for sure :) Thank you again, LoriAnne and Allison!

  2. Yes, they are very talented! Those are beautiful!

  3. Those really are the most gorgeous pillows I've ever seen. I am a sucker for fancy pillows as well!

  4. LoriAnne - I just love the two "girlie" pillows you made! They are the fanciest ones I have ever seen! I am a pillow lover too, so I really enjoyed this post. Leave it to Linda to do a post on pillows.

  5. Those pillows are just great. We have none other than the ones we sleep on. A friend has a few which results in her husband chunering if he is the one that has to take them off the bed! :D