Monday, April 11, 2011

And He Came Home from Peru Bearing Gifts!

Though he has traveled to many places around the world, Nick has never been one for collecting lots of souveniers. Trying to decide what to bring home for the family is often a chore that he struggles with. Well this time, he seemed to know right away what he wanted to buy for everyone...colorful Peruvian hats! Apparently the locals don't like to be cold, so they wear these hats which cover their ears and have short braided ties. They are soft, reversible, comfortable, fun and definitely warm. We laughed really hard at how we all looked, but here we are modeling our lovely hats!
Do we all look Peruvian now? I don't think so!

EZ and I loving the new look!

Sam-man zoning out in his new headgear

Mantha didn't even try to take her new hat off!

Yikes who is that masked man??

Someone had to be different!

 Thanks Nick for all the fun hats and scarves. We love them and will be quite the sight next winter!


  1. Yes, thank you Nick! Such fun souveniers from your trip! We all love ours and can't wait for it to get cold next winter to wear them!

    PS. Don't worry: Leah, Kyle, and Emery, yours are here waiting for you! He remembered one for everyone!

  2. Love this post these pictures are hilarious!! Can't wait to try on our hats too :) so glad nick is home!

  3. I wondered who bought those mask hats!!!!!!