Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Full Five Days with Two Sets of Twins!

As many of you already know, Tara headed for Georgia last Monday for five days. Goal: to help her sister out with 3 week old Emery while Leah's husband, Kyle, traveled for business. We hardly knew what Tara would do with herself caring for a singleton...something she was never able to experience as all of her children came in twos and she spends her days with four under four! They made great plans for all the things Tara was going to teach Leah...including how to get out and about with a baby! We were all willing to jump in and help Jamie with anything and everything at home, in order for Tara, Leah and Emery to have this precious time together.

What fun we had with the Nats and Sams! Praise the Lord no one got hurt, we made it to all of their scheduled activities, we managed to prepare and eat some pretty delicious meals, and Tara relaxed and treasured the time with her sister (though she missed her babies something fierce!). Having stayed with her before both when Jamie travels or when the children were born, I always appreciated and admired all that Tara does. However, she was always there with me. Now, I REALLY know what a day in her life is like from sunrise to sunrise and believe me...it is busy! How she manages to do all that she does is still beyond me. I loved every minute of being with my precious grandchildren and their Daddy.  Gigi, Grandpa, Sophie and Mrs. Amy were a huge help and I thank them so much! 

Here are some highlights from our five days together:


And now...time to take some ibuprofen and sleep in a bit:).


  1. yep, Tara is truly amazing and such a valuable resource to other mommas. So glad she was able to spend so much time with Leah & Emery. She couldn't stop talking about it. And I know she appreciates you, Grandpa, Gigi & Jamie for allowing her to go! Glad that you all had a wonderful time too.

  2. indeed a big job! but looks like you had big fun as well.

  3. I did have so much fun with Leah, but part of the reason why I was able to do so, was knowing that my kiddos and hubby were in good hands:) Thank ya'll so much for all that you did~ Such full and fun days!!!!

  4. I'm IMPRESSED! What a sweet gift of time you gave the whole family!

  5. Grandma, I am very impressed!!! What a wonderful week of memories for everyone for sure!