Friday, April 15, 2011

EZ Begins Aquatic Physical Therapy

As EZ's recovery continues, we have been looking at all of our options in helping him regain his strength and flexibility, as well as hopefully relieving some of the nerve pain in his sacrum, legs and feet. Aquatic therapy seemed like a good option, so with his doctor's approval, we moved forward. There is a great center in North Raleigh called Aquatic Physical Therapy and Beyond. This is their mission statement:

Aquatic/Physical Therapy and Beyond will be dedicated to originating and dominating an all inclusive rehabilitation program designed to permit peoples suffering from neurological, orthopedic, sports and other related injuries, to initiate therapy at an earlier, more essential stage of recovery and continue until the desired level of rehabilitation is met.

 My mother has been helped tremendously by the therapists there for her chronic sciatic nerve pain, so we really wanted Ernie to give it a try. Last week he had two sessions in the pool and hot tub and did it ever feel wonderful. Out of respect for others working out there I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but here is how he described it:

The pool's 94 degree saline solution felt wonderful. All my life I have loved the water...snorkeling, diving, body surfing, swimming, etc. and that wonderful feeling of being submersed and buoyed was perfection! Being able to be in an upright position without bearing weight on my legs and feet, just allowing my limbs to decompress, was wonderful. The warmth of the pool also let tired and tight muscles unwind and relax. The therapist also had me do some walking and stretching exercises to improve my flexibility. In all, a great experience and a great alternative until my doctors allow me to begin swimming again (post my 1 year SCT anniversary). Currently I am not allowed in public pools or lakes due to my immature immune system and the high level of bacteria and viruses.

We are so thankful for this option and pray that it will truly help EZ toward once again being able to sit vertically. At the very least, it feels great to be active in the water and doing something without feeling constant pain in his feet and legs. The pool temperature is a warm 94 degrees, there is an underwater treadmill and afterward who wouldn't love some time reclined in a therapeutic spa (hot tub)? We would highly recommend it to others who are suffering with back or leg pain.


  1. I'm so glad that you are going and that it feels so good, Dad! Praying for great results!

    Can't wait until you are able to swim with the rest of us this summer too! Love you!

  2. Today Aquatic/Physical Therapy, tomorrow Aqua-robics! ;D