Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nick's Peruvian Adventure - Part II - It's a Jungle Out There!

Atalaya Reserve in the jungle - common room and kitchen

Nick's luxurious accomodations complete with mosquito net

More dorms

A semi-private room at another reserve...Nick's bed on the right

Nick woke up with Chico the reserve's pet monkey IN HIS BED!

Chico and Paula at the foot of Nick's bed...every morning!

"Driveway" to the reserve...only way across


  1. DYING laughing at the monkey in bed with Nick! Of course they chose Nick to snuggle with! And I'm so glad that you had the WHOLE family home with you for Easter!

  2. Yes, when Nick first sent us that picture, I couldn't believe it! He snuggles with Abby and Milo at home, so the monkey must have known he was a sucker for animals in the bed!!!

  3. Since I can be a little monkey I shouldn't be surprised there was a real one out there with the same name.

    Once I would have loved accommodation like that and at the minute I look and think 'Arghhh, bacteria, insects!' ;D