Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Morning Breakfast and Traditional Cross Cakes

Ernie, Nick, Mom and I had a quiet breakfast before church...just the four of us. I love setting the table and getting everything ready the night before so we can eat and then enjoy our worship service at church. We were all still in our pjs, so no group shots this time!

Our Best Bites Overnight Egg and Sausage Casserole
It's a family tradition to bake and decorate a cross cake for Easter. Every once in a while Easter falls on Nick's birthday and the Easter cake also becomes Nick's birthday cake (like in the picture below).

Tara and Leah's handiwork...we still laugh about this one!
Risen Savior
We ran out of time...frosting and sprinkles!

It was fun looking back at the past couple of years to see what we had done with the different cakes. You might have noticed that 2010 is missing...Ernie and I spent that Easter at Rex Hospital. So thankful the tradition of the cross cake continued this year and that we were home to enjoy it!


  1. Oh that first one is truly as awful as I remember it! What were we thinking?!? Yours in the middle definitely wins first prize! So sorry that I didn't think to make it last year while ya'll were in the hospital. But so glad the tradition continued this year! Love you!

  2. I agree with Tara-- 2009 definitely wins! Haha love this tradition!

  3. We bake a cross cake at Christmas and sing Happy Birthday to traditions that remind us why we are celebrating a HOLYday!